As you might have noticed – this is no ordinary hotel. We wanted to make a hotel where our guest have the opportunity to cook, work and sleep – without it all being done from the hotel bed. So we built an apartments Hotel. Here are a few answers to the most common questions.

Where do I find the password for WI-FI?2021-04-22T20:23:51+02:00

You will find it in the “Questions! Answers!” folder in your room.

Is the drinks in the fridge for free?2021-04-22T20:24:32+02:00


How does the TV work?2021-04-22T20:25:54+02:00

You have two remotes, one that turns on the TV and one that’s for Altibox – this is where the channels are.Next to the TV you will find a chromecast which allows you to play content directly from your phone.

When is my apartment cleaned?2021-04-22T20:26:50+02:00

If you are here for a short term stay we clean it before and after your visit. If you are staying for two weeks or more we clean the apartment every second week. You will get a text about the date the cleaning is scheduled. Please take off the linens and tidy up before housekeeping comes knocking.

Where can I throw away my trash?2021-04-22T20:27:24+02:00

In the basement. Just follow the signs to “AVFALLSROM”.

Why is my door open?2021-04-22T20:27:49+02:00

The only way you can open the door is with your code. So even though it seems open from the inside it is actually locked. When you leave the apartment it is automatically locked after a couple of minutes.

What happens if I have a party in my apartment?2021-04-22T20:28:23+02:00

We love a good party, but parties are unfortunately not allowed at Wex Hotels. If you do throw a party and the security guard show up, you will be charged the cost of the emergency response (NOK 1200,-)

Am I allowed to smoke in my apartment at Wex Hotels?2021-04-22T20:28:55+02:00

No, smoking is not allowed in our apartments or out of your apartment window. We do have five different rooftop terraces, so head outside if the urge is too strong.

Can I have private furniture in my apartment at Wex Hotels?2021-04-22T20:29:22+02:00

We do not approve private furniture in our apartments. If there is damage to the apartment due to hanging pictures or other private things you as a guest will be charged the cost of the repair.

I want to clean my apartment between housekeeping visits – where can I find cleaning items?2021-04-22T20:29:51+02:00

On the second floor between the A and B building there is a storage room for cleaning items. You are free to borrow anything from the room, but please remember to put it back once you are done with it. You can use your six digit entrance code to get in.

Any other questions?2021-04-22T20:30:38+02:00

Please get in touch with us at 0047 69 02 08 70 or e-mail: post@wex.no

Is there a security issue?2021-04-22T20:31:02+02:00

Contact our security company at tlf: +47 466 22 222.

Why is there something beeping in my apartment?2021-04-22T20:31:41+02:00

1.Probably its the sensor above your oven top. If the sensor detects a fire hazard, it triggers an alarm. If no one responds to this, the sensor instructs a switch to cut off the power to the stove. If the sensor beeps and there is no fire hazard push the small button one time. Do not remove the sensor – this will only result in your stove not working.

2. It could also be the fire alarm – if there is a fire in your apartment, leave the premises using the stairs. If there is not a fire but the alarm goes of in your apartment only push the red button by your door and hold it in for 5 seconds.
3. It could also be a the water sensor. The water sensor is located underneath your sink and is there to detect a possible leakage. This beeps once in a while if you have spilled water underneath your sink. If there is no leakage you can push a small button on the side of it and it should be reset.

4. Expecting a visit? A beeping can also be the doorbell. If someone rings your doorbell from the outside you will see a camera of the person ringing the bell. Do not open if you do not know the person or if anyone that can legitimize themselves working at the hotel. If you can not see the live footage from the camera it means that someone is right outside your door. It’s probably one of us, or one of your Wex neighbours. Enough with the beeping

When do I need to check out?2021-04-22T20:33:03+02:00

Check-out is at 11:00 am. Your six digit entrance code will not be valid after this, so if you need an extra hour or two please contact the reception in advance to check if possible.

When can I check in at Wex Hotels?2021-04-22T20:21:06+02:00

Check in at Wex Hotels is from 15:00PM. At the day of your arrival you will get a message with the apartment number and a six digit entrance code. This code works borth on the entrance door at ground level and into your apartment.

Where can I find the reception?2021-04-22T20:20:44+02:00

The reception at Wex Hotels is at Hoi Polloi straight across KØL. Look for the lady with the computer or ask the guys behind the bar.

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