1.Probably its the sensor above your oven top. If the sensor detects a fire hazard, it triggers an alarm. If no one responds to this, the sensor instructs a switch to cut off the power to the stove. If the sensor beeps and there is no fire hazard push the small button one time. Do not remove the sensor – this will only result in your stove not working.

2. It could also be the fire alarm – if there is a fire in your apartment, leave the premises using the stairs. If there is not a fire but the alarm goes of in your apartment only push the red button by your door and hold it in for 5 seconds.
3. It could also be a the water sensor. The water sensor is located underneath your sink and is there to detect a possible leakage. This beeps once in a while if you have spilled water underneath your sink. If there is no leakage you can push a small button on the side of it and it should be reset.

4. Expecting a visit? A beeping can also be the doorbell. If someone rings your doorbell from the outside you will see a camera of the person ringing the bell. Do not open if you do not know the person or if anyone that can legitimize themselves working at the hotel. If you can not see the live footage from the camera it means that someone is right outside your door. It’s probably one of us, or one of your Wex neighbours. Enough with the beeping